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Collective Improvisation In A Teacher Education Community

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Dedication. Acknowledgements. Series Editor Foreword.- 1: Stepping Lightly, Thinking Boldly, Learning Constantly: Community and Inquiry in Teacher Education.- Section 1 visions. 2: Looking Back on the Construction of a Community of Inquiry. 3: Learning in Synchrony. 4: Seeing the Complexity of the Practicum. 5: Enjoying Their Own Margins: Narratives of Innovation and Inquiry in Teacher Education.- Section 2 improvisations. 6: In Open Spaces. 7: Practicing What We Preach: Helping Student Teachers Turn Theory into Practice. 8: Social Studies Education in School. 9: Learning by Design: A Multimedia Mathematics Project in a Teacher Education Program. 10: Teacher Educators Using Technology: Functional, Participative and Generative Competencies. 11: Virtually Aesthetic: The CITE Cohort's Experience of Online Learning. 12: Learning to Teach Technology: The Journey of Two Beginning Teachers. 13: Mid-Course Feedback on Faculty Teaching: A Pilot Project. 14: Portfolio as Practice: The Narratives of Emerging Teachers. 15: Complexity Science and the CITE Cohort. 16: "The Filter of Laws": Teacher Education and British Columbia College of Teachers' Teaching Standards.

My Testament Student Journal Volume One

RRP $19.99

A two-volume comprehensive Bible study series connecting Old and New Testament stories. Useful in multiple settings from Sunday School to weeknight study, My Testament includes creative journaling and holy conversations for children in grades three to five. The series will help children connect themes from both the Old and New Testament. Each volume has 26 sessions and includes: - A learning objective - A New Testament story - An Old Testament story - Creative journaling prompts and wonder questions Each session has an Old Testament story and a New Testament story that are woven together around a main theme. Throughout each session the children are given opportunities to respond to scripture. There are opportunities to creatively write, illustrate, pray, and to ask difficult questions as children enter into a deepening understanding of scripture. My Testament is more than just "journaling." Each child will create a one-of-a-kind journal of what they believe to be true about their relationship with God. The ideal length for each session is 45 minutes. Within this time, opportunities are provided for holy conversations in the form of wonder questions. As the participants create their testaments, responding to scripture, they will be encouraged to discuss their responses with those around them.

The Improvisation Of Musical Dialogue

RRP $28.55

This book is an important contribution to the philosophy of music. Whereas most books in this field focus on the creation and reproduction of music, Bruce Benson's concern is the phenomenology of music making as an activity. He offers the radical thesis that it is improvisation that is primary in the moment of music making. Succinct and lucid, the book brings together a wide range of musical examples from classical music, jazz, early music and other genres. It offers a rich tapestry incorporating both analytic and continental philosophy, musicology and performance-practice issues. It will be a provocative read for philosophers of art and musicologists and, because it eschews technicality, should appeal to general readers, especially those who perform.


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Work Travel Work Australia Australian Visa Working Visa
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Work Travel Work Australia Australian Visa Working Visa
Working Holiday Student Visa International Visa

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